Hello, my name is Albert Bouzas!


I am the creator and owner of Mallorca Cultural Tours. I also have a degree in History and I have been working for six years as an Official Tour Guide. I do historical tours all around Mallorca and especially in its capital: Palma.

I am passionate about this city because it is home to one of the most important monumental sets in Europe.

History is my life. I decided to create Mallorca Cultural Tours to show and promote the heritage of the island, which is undervalued and in danger of disappearing. I wish that travellers like you, who visit this island, to have the opportunity to discover one of the richest places of Europe in historical heritage.

History is not only important to understand better the world we live in; history moves people to travel and discover places that have marked a milestone for humanity. The built heritage is a clear witness of these facts and to know and appreciate it is to keep it alive.

What I do best is to take people back to the past through our historical legacy. If you ever thought history was boring, I will be happy to show you that you couldn’t be more wrong. I encourage you to join me and discover how exciting it is to know what happened hundreds of years ago in the same streets we walk today.

Along with the development of Mallorca Cultural Tours, I also do tours with the following companies: