Join me on this tour and we will rebuild a part of our heritage gone forever as well as we will analyze the causes of such a natural disaster.


Before the 17th century there was a natural torrent running through Palma’s downtown. Its name was Sa Riera. It split the town in two and determined Palma’s urban planning for centuries. Then, in 1403, the most terrifying catastrophe in the Balearic Islands’ History took place: the torrent overflew, making half of the capital collapse and killing a quarter of its total population.

We will follow the former Sa Riera’s natural course from the point it entered the city, at La Rambla’s promenade, until Parc de la Mar, where the torrent’s mouth was located. We will reproduce with plenty of details how the most terrible catastrophe in the archipelago happened. We will also rebuild the medieval town destroyed by the rushing water and you will be amazed on how Palma looked like in the 15th century.