Get an insight into Mallorca’s traditional gastronomy!


If you are an avid taster of traditional food and you enjoy discovering the exquisitenesses of every region you visit, then this is the perfect tour for you!

Join me on a cultural itinerary across Palma’s Old Town through which we will get to know the evolution of traditional recipes in the city as well as to discover the places in town that used to be main markets in the past.

On our walking tour we will stop at several stalls to taste some of the most famous Mallorcan appetizers. That way you will understand our gastronomic culture and you will feel like a true islander!

We will start our tour at Palma’s Marina, in the lower side of town. Here we will explore the fishermen’s neighborhood to understand how important Mallorca was in the Middle Ages as a commercial superpower.

Then we will stroll through the city and we will be stopping at different taverns and bars to taste several kinds of delicacies as local beer, Mallorcan wine, cheese, cold meat, liquor, white buns, salty cakes. . . and even some tapas!