Mallorca Cultural Tours invites you to go inside a universe of mythological animals, demons, monsters, gargoyles, dragons and creatures of unimaginable forms.


We usually walk the streets of Palma at a brisk pace and looking downwards. We are always so hurried that we forget we are surrounded by eyes that observe us from above. Small beings that inhabit the buildings’ stones of the city watch us day and night. But we ignore them, always more pending of a smartphone than of an unseen fantastic world among the walls of the old town.

We will visit Palma in a very different way than the usual. We will not focus on the most emblematic monuments and buildings of the city, but on their extravagant tenants that, always with a curious look, watch over us from his elevated houses.

Old aristocratic manors, churches, squares, fountains, institutions, statues… any of them is a good place to find monsters and creatures in Palma. And all of them are excellent reasons to stop looking at the ground and to look always upwards to discover new secrets in our beautiful city.

Join us and check it out yourself!