Join us on a cultural and gastronomic tour in Palma in which the Olivar Market will be your host!


We will walk through Palma’s Old Town while we discover its main highlights, paying special attention to the evolution and history of the traditional city markets. We will explore the origins of the products that have been part of our traditional meals for centuries. Mallorca was a commercial superpower between the 13th and the 14th century; on this tour you will get an insight into a long saga of of merchants and kings that made possible the proliferation of public markets in the capital of Mallorca.

After the walking tour, you will have the chance of tasting some Mallorcan delicacies at the Olivar Market – Palma’s most important market. This emblematic building, dates back to 1951 and is the last stage of a long journey through the history of markets in the city. Thanks to the Olivar market, more than a hundred shopkeepers can sell their fresh products all gathered under the same roof. The market is proud to provide the most modern facilities to sell any kind of Mallorcan groceries.

The tasting will consist in elaborate samples of our most exquisite gastronomy, with all plates looked using superior quality products bought from the market itself. You will have the opportunity to discover the heart of Mallorcan cooking tasting the most representative ingredients of our land that any local uses at home: olive oil, sobrassada, cheese, wine, dark bread, broken olives… and these are only appetizers.

Before we finish the activity we will visit the market stalls, located on the ground floor, where you will visualise the vast variety of food Mallorca has to offer to the world. I will show you all the different kinds of groceries available and the exceptional quality and excellence of products on sale daily. You will also have time to explore the complex on your own, just in case you fancy taking a piece of Mallorca back home with you.