The best tour to discover Mallorca’s most ancestral pastries.


If you are looking for something completely different to do in Mallorca, away from crowded beaches and tourist areas, this is the tour you are looking for without a hesitation!

You have never probably thought the city of Palma is a place highly rich in traditional pastries. Some of these Mallorcan recipes appeared more than 1.500 years ago and we are still keeping the original way of cooking them like a treasure we must leave to the generations to come.

Join me on this tour and you will be amazed by a facet of Palma you did not even imagine it could exist!

We will start our walk in the lower side of town, which is an area barely explored by visitors, by the way. Here I will show you the highlights of this neighborhood as I tell you about the most important historical facts connected to them. We will explore the unknown alleys of this Palma’s lower side and we will be stopping at two bakeries to taste two different kinds of pastries (a salty one and a sweet one). You will be able to ask the owners about the ingredients, the origin of the recipe and how they make it.

Immediately after this we will move to the upper side of town. There I will take you to where the main monuments are as I tell you about all sorts of Mallorcan historical characters and how they influenced our society. We will also stroll through aristocratic streets with stunning mansions so tall they shade the whole block. To finish the tour we will stop at two more bakeries where, once again, we will have the chance to taste two more different and delicious pastries (a sweet one and a salty one).