Join me on this tour and I will take you to two of the most charming villages in Mallorca!


Sóller, a town located in a valley that has been the main orange producer of the island for close to three hundred years. Sóller will amaze you with its mixture of medieval heritage, colonial architecture and modernist buildings. Its streets are a maze of traditional shops, religious buildings and aristocratic manors where you will love to get lost.

Valldemossa, the magical town that captivated the most honored pianist in the 19th century: Frédéric Chopin. There you will experience the calmness of the mountains, in a place that has scarcely changed from the Middle Ages.

We will go first to the village of Sóller. There we will stroll through the old town, where you will be able to contemplate how perfect is the combination of modernist elements on medieval buildings, like on the parish church of Saint Bartholomew.

We will go on by the Lluna Street, probably the most popular street in town due to the variety of shops, bars and colonial buildings you can find there. Before we leave the valley, we will stop at the marina so you can contemplate one of the last natural ports in Mallorca.

Next we will move to the town of Valldemossa, where we will walk by the gardens of the Charterhouse. After that, we will explore the old town and you will feel like you were going back to the 16th century due to the calmness and peacefulness of the alleys. We cannot leave the place without tasting some Mallorcan pastries at a traditional bakery.

Come and discover an island that has more to offer than you imagine!