Mallorca’s prehistoric hinterland was a place where changes occurred constantly but slowly. The inhabitants of the island assembled their lives and their culture according to their natural environment and to outer contacts from the Mediterranean Sea. But something happened in the 9th century BC and, all of a sudden, everything hastened in native’s way of life changing their whole culture forever.

Join me on The 4. 000 Years tour and get an insight into Mallorca’s genuine past!

We will visit four archaeological sites that will give us a full sight of Mallorca’s prehistoric and ancient past:

  • Naveta Alemany: a single huge familiar living space built almost 4. 000 years ago, in the Bronze Age.
  • Son Ferrer’s Tumulus: a monument that combines an underground burial place dated back from 1. 700 B. C. and a tower shaped altar built on it 3. 000 years ago.
  • Sa Mesquida: the ruins of a Roman ceramics factory built between the 1st century B. C. and the 1st century A. D.
  • Sa Morisca’s Archaeological Park: archaeological park located on the hill of Sa Morisca and its surroundings. The most notable monuments are the scattered ruins of the former village dated back from the 900 B. C and the tower on the top of the hill, from the same age.

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