Join me on this tour and discover why the man called “The Caesar” came to Palma. We will trace the very same steps of the monarch in town. Don’t miss it!


Charles of the House Habsburg was the King of Spain and the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in the 16th century. He was the most powerful man of his time and not many governors in history have ruled over as such a vast territory as he did. However, people nowadays barely know the Emperor paid a visit to our island in 1541.

We will reproduce precisely the official reception given to the Emperor Charles in the year 1541 by the citizens of Palma, according to the chronicles. We will start at the city’s port and we will end nearby the Cathedral. I am not giving you any more details about this tour since I want you to feel exactly the same way the Emperor did when he stepped on Palma’s soil for the first time.

Let me amaze you with an epic story full of hilarious moments. The only thing I can tell you in advance is we will be passing by some of the main monuments in town: the Merchant Guild’s Headquarters, the Born’s Promenade, the Despuig’s mansion, the parish church of Saint Nicholas, Palma’s Town Hall, the Insular Council, the Balearic Parliament, the Palace of the Almudaina and the Cathedral.