Join me on the medieval town of Pollença tour and know a bit more about Mallorca’s past!


In the north of Mallorca, at the spurs of the Tramuntana’s Mountain Range, there is a fable town. A town that witnessed the birth of great poets, devoted teachers and unforgettable heroes. A place where uncountable moments of joy happened; but it is also a land that went through the worst of misfortunes. A town whose people celebrate centenary festivities to honor who they were and to never forget who they are now. It is a corner of the world that overfills with legends and history. This magical spot is the town of Pollença.

We will start at St. Domingo’s Convent, where we will uncover the internal struggles the religious orders had in Pollença in the old times. Then, we will be headed to the Main Square. There we will try to picture how the life of a 13th century’s Mallorcan village was, depicting and ordinary day at the old public market and discovering the festivities that represented the spirit and feelings of a whole society. We will get an insight into a fascinating tradition: the Arabs and Christians Battle, the most epic reenactment in the island.

Strolling through Pollença’s old streets we will unveil all the true facts that originated this centenary celebration. You will also have the chance of climbing The Calvary, a hill connected to the old town through a staircase of 365 steps. On the top of it, you will be amazed when you find out who the most powerful Pollença’s governors were: the Knight Templars. But this Calvary hides more than only one secret… Finally, we will see the Roman Bridge from the magnificent Calvary’s viewing point; a bridge that has a surreal and hilarious story behind it.