Mallorca Cultural Tours is a different way to get an insight into the island. 


Mallorca is known around the world for its magnificent beaches and its night life. Both options are fine for a relaxing holidays, of course. However, if you are a true traveller and you are looking for something completely different, MCT is the right place to do so.

MCT offers you exclusive historical and cultural tours to unveil you the most genuine Mallorca.

Through these experiences you will discover a Mallorca full of culture, history, tradition, nature and flavors. MCT provides you with a chance to know this island’s most hidden heritage taking you back to its past in a customized and entertaining way without forgetting, of course, the accuracy that characterizes us. MCT guarantees you to take you to the authentic Mallorca, away from tourist and crowded areas, to discover the most unknown sites of the island.

Explore with MCT the most charming corners of this land and live a thrilling experience you will never forget.


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